Vital statistics
Status Alive
Base HP 320
Level Unknown
Ultimate Weapon Unknown

Zaki (ざき)

Zaki is a character from Live A Live and appears in the chapter "Contact". He is part of the Ku tribe were they abducted Bel in order to be sacrificed to the last living dinosaur that is worshipped as a deity. He later joins Pogo, Gori and Bel in a fight against O-D-O.

Appearance Edit

Zaki appears to be a rather vain looking caveman. He has long, bright red hair and wears nothing but a lizard around his groin. The lizard can act as a "weapon" for him.

Personality Edit

Despite the lack of speech that is never seen or spoken in this chapter, Zaki appears to be vain and a bit of a narcissist. Most of his body actions show him either flipping his hair or pointing at Pogo. His near death sprite animation does show him flipping the bird, however.

Strong and Weak Points Edit

As Zaki only joins during the battle against O-D-O, it's hard to gauge his strengths and weaknesses. However, as he has many long ranged attacks and can counter O-D-O's attacks, Zaki may be useful support for an underleveled party.

Trivia Edit

  • His lizard "loin cloth" is alive. 
  • Despite his official art showing that he wields a spear, Zaki does not use it.  
  • When Zaki attacks and the lizard loin cloth moves, it shows pixelated parts of his... areas.
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