“I-I don't want to be a loser...!!”
—Yuan standing up for himself against the ruffians

Yuan Jou
Vital statistics
Status Determined by player
Base HP 100
Level 1
Ultimate Weapon Master's Nunchaku
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Yuan Jou is a character from the Inheritence chapter of Live A Live.  He was forced to steal things from people by the Tiger King until The Master comes and defeats the Tiger King and his goons, afterwards allowing him to join his group as a potential inheritor.

Personality Edit

Yuan is young boy who means no inherent harm, but ends up being part of Tiger King's gang. However, the reason he does this isn't for malicious intent, instead he joins this gang for himself and grandmother so he can have some money to help them get by. He's not that strong physically or mentally, but if he's passionate about something, he will take the extra mile to work hard and keep at it. This is especially seen if you have given more lessons to Yuan throughout the chapter, as you see him outside after Li and Sammo have fallen asleep do more training. Starts out shy, but he gets stronger by the end! (if he's alive of course)

Appearance Edit

Yuan is a small, scruffy, and dirty boy, as he's dragged along by ruffians and is generally very poor. He wears a purple bandana over short, brown hair. There's some dirt on his face. He has an open-chest shirt that's open down to the stomach. He has tan pants with stains on them by the knees. He wears traditional Chinese shoes.

Strong and Weak PointsEdit

Yuan Jou generally is better with intellect and generally fails in decent HP.  However his other stats will be pretty good if trained the most of the 3 youths,

Base StatsEdit

These stats are Yuan Jou's stats without equipment bonuses counted or The Master's training.

  • HP:100
  • Attack:5
  • Defense:1
  • Power:12
  • Speed:15
  • Vitality:10
  • IQ:21


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