Tula Han
Tula han
Vital statistics
Status Deceased
HP 432
Dropable Items
Themes Knock You Down!

“Hey, kid! Think you can hit me? Let's see how strong you really are...”
—Tula Han, pre-battle

Tula Han (トゥーラ・ハン)Is a character from Live A Live he is only seen in the present day scenario The Strongest. He was trained by a special paramilitary unit and is said to be a master of close-quarters combat. He is most known for his flexibility and skillful use of his arm and leg locks. He was later killed by Odie Oldbright sometime after his defeat by Masaru.


Tula wears a green camouflage military uniform as he is in the army. He has a scar on his down his right eye and has a short military haircut. He also wears metal kneecaps and black boots.

Learned AttacksEdit

  • Arm Lock - A surrounding-range attack that can cripple Arm techniques. Functions as a counter.
  • Cross Heel Hold - A orthogonal-range attack that can restrict Foot techniques. Also functions as a counter.


Tula Han is not very hard, and can actually be beaten with no new learned abilities. His techniques also act as counters, so simply attacking him is an easy way to learn his moves, although one should be wary that he doesn't fall before both are learned. Both of his abilities are somewhat useful, as they can prevent opponents from using certain moves and provide counters, so obtaining at least one of them is encouraged.

Han has relatively high HP, so although he may whittle your health down to dangerously low levels, as long as you continue attacking, you should be able to win.