—Taro`s thoughts upon being saved.

Vital statistics
Status Alive
Base HP
Ultimate Weapon


Taro is Akira's robotic Turtle sidekick. He used to be a turtle owned by the children at the Chibikko House, but had died one day. Dr. Toei turned him into a robot via liquification.


Taro appears as a large, green robotic turtle with beady black dot eyes, a red loin cloth like piece of cloth in front of him with a single kanji on it, and iron ball hands.


Not much is displayed of Taro`s personality but it can be seen that he cares greatly for Kaori as from a mind read he thanks her for saving him. He also seems a bit slow at times to catching on to certain things as when Kazu was kidnapped and Akira got on the motorcycle to give chase he just sat there prompting Akira to have to go grab him and push him up there. Another instance of this is when Akira tells everyone to get off the Buriki Daioh and Dr.Toei has to come in and drag him out as he just sat there again.

Etymology Edit

The name Taro has many meanings behind it. It can mean "First Born Son" or "Big Boy".

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