Taeko Is a character from Live A Live she only appears in Flow. She is the matron of the Chibikko House and takes care of all the orphans there including Akira and his sister Kaori. She is in love with Matsu and cares very much for him right up to his very end where she burst into tears after his death, It is also shown through reading her mind that much of the time she is thinking of Matsu. She enjoys doing laundry and she is also the center of Akira`s hobby which involves the taking of her panties constantly she is unaware that Akira takes her panties but nearly finds out when she catches Watanabe bringing other articles of clothing to him.


She has brown straight long hair and wears a purpulish shirt with red pants.


Taeko (妙子) is a Japanese female given name. The kanji used to write it mean "mysterious child".


  • After teleporting from battle a few times during Flow, Akira might randomly warp into the bathroom where Taeko will be seen naked taking a bath she will then blush, scream and run out of the bathroom.


Live A Live Warping in on Taeko!!

Live A Live Warping in on Taeko!!

What happens if Akira warps into the bathroom at the right time.