“Continue your apologies from the bottom of the abyss, Oersted!”
—Straybow to Oersted before fighting him.

Straybow as he appears in the SQUARE ENIX mobile game Holy Dungeon.
Vital statistics
Status Deceased
Base HP 100
Level 1
Ultimate Weapon
Themes Megalomania

Straybow (ストレイボウ) is a character from Live A Live. He is initially a close friend of Oersted, but later betrays him after finding a way to fake his own death, and save Alicia before him.


Straybow has long wavy black hair, which covers one of his eyes.He wears blue robes along with a red cape.


Initially, Straybow appears to be a calm but powerful sorcerer, who accepts defeat without a second thought at Oersted's hand. This is later revealed to be a cover-up for who he truly is: a jealous, desperate man who is willing to do truly evil things just to succeed. It's possible that he was once the person he pretends to be, but was broken by Oersted's repeated victories.

Strong and Weak PointsEdit

Straybow starts with two spells: Red Bullet and Silver Freeze. He later learns more powerful spells. He fills the role of the "black mage", as most of his moves are offensive magical abilities. Like most mage characters, he is particularly vulnerable to physical attacks.

Base StatsEdit

Note: These are Straybow's stats without any equipment bonuses added.

  • HP:100
  • Attack:0
  • Defense:0
  • Power:5
  • Speed:20
  • Vitality:7
  • IQ:40


  • Like Oersted , Straybow makes an appearance in another SQUARE ENIX title called "Holy Dungeon ". 
  • Straybow is the main cause of nearly every negative event that occurs in the last two chapters.
    • He causes the King's death by tricking Oersted into thinking that he is a demon
    • He indirectly causes Uranus' death, as neither Uranus nor Oersted would have been locked up if not for Straybow's actions. 
    • He causes Alicia's suicide by lying about Oersted and convincing her that he was the true hero. 
    • He is the biggest contributor to Oersted's transformation into Odio, given that he caused almost all of the events that led to the transformation, not to mention directly betraying Oersted (and forcing the knight to kill someone he thought was his best friend.) 
  • In the last chapter, it is possible to read his mind using Akira, where he wonders if he is responsible for Oersted's actions.


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