“Huh? B-but people make fun of me because I`m fat. Why should I be... Proud of it?”
—Sammo to the Master

Sammo Hakka
Sammo hakka
Vital statistics
Status Determined by player
Base HP 240
Level 5
Ultimate Weapon Master`s Nunchaku
Themes The Ancient Master Descends from the Mountains, War in China

Sammo Hakka (サモ・ハッカ)

Sammo is a character from Live A Live and one of the possible main characters in the Final Chapter as well. Like with Li and Yuan, he is one of the characters from the Kung Fu scenario and possible heir to the Master's dojo. He is encountered at Yuan Hua Street; which is east Mount Da Zhi. From there, you will hear a restaurant owner throwing a tantrum and chasing out Sammo, who is eating everything in site. The player, as the Master, either chooses him to be punished or to pay for his theft. Neither one effect the game. Punishing him however engages a battle.

Sammo is very strong and has the highest hit points of all the students, but lacks speed.

Personality Edit

At first, Sammo is not proud of his body. He has a lot of self-doubt for himself, but can show he is a very nice guy and can hold his own well in battle. After the death of the Master, Sammo gains some confidence on his appearance and girth

Appearance Edit

Sammo is an obese, young man with shaggy brown hair. He wears a blue vest like tunic and light brown trousers. Despite his size, he has shown great agility, such as avoiding being hacked in two by an angry chef.

Strong and Weak Points Edit

Base Stats Edit

Note these stats are Sammo`s stats without equipment bonuses counted.

  • HP:240
  • Attack:5
  • Defense:0
  • Power:28
  • Speed:5
  • Vitality:43
  • IQ:7

Gallery Edit

Triva Edit

  • Sammo is based off Sammo Hung.
  • If you chose Sammo as your student, he will pull punch the wall in of Odi Wang Lee's domain. 
  • Choosing Sammo will show the Watanbe scene.
  • Sammo's battle sprite is shown shirtless, while his field and official artwork shows him wearing his vest.  
  • He has two unique field sprites. One of him eating and one of him without his rice bowl.  
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