“We struggle and fight over the temporary rule of an artificial "nation". Why go to war for such a fleeting goal? Why sacrifice so many lives?”
—Ryoma talking about his beliefs to Oboro

Ryoma Sakamoto
Ryoma sakamoto
Vital statistics
Status Alive
Base HP 240
Level 9
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Ryoma Sakamoto is a supporting character in Live A Live, making his debut in the scenario "Secret Orders". He is an important figure in the politics of Japan during the Bakumatsu times, and is since captured by Ode Lou to prevent him from stopping his plans of throwing Japan into war. The main mission during the chapter is to rescue him, but you don't necessarily have to do that. Depending on what kind of run you do (0 Kills, 100 Kills, or Whatever Kills), he will join your party at different points.

Personality Edit

Ryoma is a level-headed, calm under pressure man. However, despite his composure, he is actually a very important man in Japanese politics, and was even seen as a threat to Ode Lou so much as to take him hostage. He is someone who doesn't see the point in fighting and bloodshed, and wishes to unite the nation under peace. As he is cool being an important figure, and at the same time carrying a sword and gun, Ryoma is shown to be kind of a goof as well. When you fall down a pit with him in your party, Oboro lands perfectly, but Ryoma falls flat on his face; when you climb the roof to get ready for the Frogsnake Demon fight, Oboro easily climbs up while Ryoma struggles a bit. He's just a good man all around!

Appearance Edit

Ryoma wears a robe-like outfit in the color blue, with a darker blue jacket draped over the top half. The dark blue clothing has badges in the shape of stars, possibly indicating his status in life as a politician. He can also hide his hands in this piece, allowing him to keep warm and pull out his gun to an unsuspecting foe. He has dark brown hair, and wears most of it in a short ponytail. He keeps his katana secure to his side via a white ribbon tied as if it was a belt, as opposed to Oboro who keeps his strapped to his back. He wears brown, laced shoes. Everyone is a fashion disaster with their shoes in this chapter.

Strong and Weak Points Edit

Great bait for the Frogsnake Demon fight so Oboro can focus on charging attacks like Chilly Winds.

Attacks Edit

  • Quickdraw Wolf Fang
  • Warning Shot
  • Polaris Single-Blade

Base Stats Edit

Ryoma's stats without equipment bonuses

  • HP: 240
  • Attack: 40
  • Defense: 0
  • Power: 34
  • Speed: 42
  • Vitality: 27
  • IQ: 52

Trivia Edit

  • Ryoma is highly likely to be based off of Sakamoto Ryōma, a real-life figure from the Bakumatsu era of Japan who was involved in the overthrowing of the Tokugawa shogunate at the time, Hideyasu Yamaguchi.