Hey! So you wanna be a part of the Wikia, maybe provide some information to a page? That's great and is really appreciated! However, before you do so, it would mean a lot if you could read these and adhere to them! Thank you!

  1. [General] Please be nice to each other!! Don't leave rude or passive-aggressive comments in regards to people's edits or on their message walls. Don't harass others over differing opinions. Catch these hands if you think you're going to do this and get away with it.
  2. [General] Any sign of being a gross person (racist/homophobic/transphobic/etc), as it currently stands I will find a way to make sure you're blocked and out of here.
  3. [Editing] If you feel like something is wrong in a page, please fix it! Similar to number 1, don't leave a comment that's like "uuhhh that's wrong actually". That's rude. You're rude.
  4. [Editing/Commenting] Don't be afraid to question or suggest something to a page in the comments of it! I'll be happy to look into whatever it is and add/revise/remove if it's needed!
  5. [Editing] Small quips in pages are fine (Ex. Me saying everyone in the Bakumatsu is a shoe fashion disaster, calling Pogo ugly), but full out "funny xD memes" that either take up/destroy an entire section/page, derail from a main point, or have no actual information along with it is not cool. Don't do it.
    • If you're doing it for a quickie Funny Haha Screenshot, don't remove anything to do it. Add it, take the picture, then delete what you wrote. Just make is something small please don't be an asshole.
  6. [Editing] Please please follow the same format that every other page has, especially for a character. A good reference to use is Akira Tadokoro's page for this, as it has generally everything on it.
  7. [Editing] Do not use fanart on any of the pages!! I know official art is hard to come by, but that doesn't mean you should use other people's fanmade art, especially without their permission.
  8. [General] Have fun!! If you're passionate about and like the game, and are generally a good person, you'll be a-okay on here!
  9. [General] Mad Dog is gay*
    • *This is a joke. Please calm down if you just got riled up reading this.

Again, thank you for reading and abiding to these rules! If you have any questions, don't be afraid to leave it on my message wall, because Wikia doesn't have an actual PM function. Hooray.

-User Crystales/Jeremy :^)