Vital statistics
Status Deceased
HP 2050
Dropable Items
Themes Megalomania, The Demon King Odio

Odeo Also known as The Great Inko Buddha Statue (インコだいぶつ) is Odio`s incarnation in the near future. It normally lies dormant and has not been active for years. However, when 2000 liquefied humans are sacrificed to it, the statue will become alive due to it being fueled by the hatred and anger of the sacrifices. The statue is later destroyed by Akira when he takes the now active Buriki Daioh over to fight it. It can later be seen again as a statue in a chamber going up to the peak of the Demon King`s Mountain and is fought one last time in the final battle, It can also become briefly playable if Oersted is chosen as the main final protagonist.


It's appearance is based off a Budgerigar, a bird native to Australia and a rather popular pet. It has six wings, pale greenish-yellow body and wears a golden type robe outfit. It could be based off Buddha of some sort.


Liquefied Man Curse: 1 tile horizontal range, can incapacitate arms, also can reduce Speed and LV, random damage.

Keruru Kick: 1 tile of horizontal and diagonal range, makes the target turn, very minor damage, has knockback.

Keruru Story: 1-2 tiles of horizontal range, can incapacitate legs, reduces Power, Con, very heavy damage.

Namu´s Parting Glow: 1-3 tiles of horizontal range, minor damage, can lower LV and IQ, can be used as a counter.

Armageddon (Finale Only): Destroys the world.


Odeo is one of the easiest scenario bosses and can be easily beaten with repeated use of JomJom Bullet to lower stats and inflict high amounts of damage. Babylon Kick does even more damage, but can be blocked by the statue inflicting the Legs Blocked Status Effect.

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Odeo, in fighting mode.

Trivia Edit

  • When selecting the character the player will use, if the player pans into Akira, a presumed portrait of Odeo with the word "Inko" under it is shown on the background.