“... Thanks, Cube. I`m so tired... I`m sorry, Cube. I wanted you to be able to learn lots of fun things...”
—Kato to Cube

Vital statistics
Status Alive
Base HP
Ultimate Weapon

Kato (カトゥー)

Is a character from Live A Live he is a a crew member of the Cogito Ergosum and is the ships engineer and appears only in Cube`s scenario Mechanical Heart. He is Cube`s creator aswell as the person the crew often asks to fix or build things as he is skilled at building however he seems to have trouble with building robots as before he created Cube he had made many failed models before finally making him.


Kato is very calm and caring and is shown to care greatly about his fellow crew so much so as in one instance he is seen crying after having a small argument with Corporol Darth over the deaths of Kirk,Huey and Rachel. He is also seen to be very brave willing to put himself in danger in order to rescue Huey and Rachel when they left the meeting room and went out where the Behemoth was and he is very caring towards his creation Cube showing him great kindness which causes Huey to mention that he treats him almost like he is a living person. This care for Cube is seen in the ending too where Cube enters and Kato gives him a hug.