Tarokichi... Please don`t die...”
—Kaori`s thoughts

Kaori Tadokoro
Vital statistics
Status Alive
Base HP
Ultimate Weapon

Kaori Tadokoro

Is a character from Live A Live and is only seen in the scenario Flow. She is the younger sister of Akira and lives with him at the Chibikko House. She is mainly seen mostly in bed as she has an unknown terminal illness affecting her. She is shown to be kind and brave willing to at one point sacrifice herself and become a liquified human to help move the Buriki Daioh, She really cares about her brother Akira as can be seen if the player gets a game over she will call out to Akira.


Kaori is a Japanese name  "smell, perfume, fragrance". It can also come from 香 (ka) "smell, perfume" and 織 (ori) "weaving". It is often written かおり using the hiragana writing system.



  • It may be possible she has psychic powers too as can be seen during a game over where she calls out to Akira who would be quite a distance away. She may have the ability to sense her brother and others even when they are away.