Jackie Iaukea
Vital statistics
Status Deceased
HP 576
Dropable Items
Themes Knock You Down!

“I won't be defeated by your Japanese wrestling moves! My Sumo skills will crush you!!”
—Jackie Iaukea, pre-battle

Jackie Iaukea (ジャッキー・イヤウケア) is a character from Live A Live and is only seen in the present day scenario The Strongest. He is a failed sumo wrestler who tried to do sumo in Hawaii and since after his failure he has instead opted to use his sumo skills in international wrestling. He was later killed by Odie Oldbright sometime after his defeat by Masaru.


Jackie is a very large and, man even bigger than Sammo Hakka, and wears an open yellow Gawaiian shirt and has on a yellow hat with blue and black pants. He is slightly tan and has mid length black hair. He wields a ukulele on his back.

Learned AttacksEdit

  • Ogre Grip - An orthogonal-range attack that can push back opponents
  • Aloha Clap - A weak wind-element move that has somewhat-wide range, and can also push opponents back
  • Earth-Rending Fury- A secret technique that is very wide-ranged and incredibly powerful, but takes a long time to charge.


Jackie is relatively tame compared to the other fighters. He uses his abilites rather fast and both of his attacks can be gotten sometimes immediately. It is advised to use Ogre Grip on him to beat him faster as it inflicts the most damage on him of all attacks you would have at the time if he was chosen first. However, if he chooses to use his Earth-Rending Fury, the effects can be devastating, so speed is key to taking him down.


Jackie is an Engish given name and means "God is Gracious". 


From left to right:
  • Jackie's battle sprite.
  • Jackie's beaten portrait.