Live A Live
Vital statistics
Time Period Ancient China
Main Character Xian Shan Quan Master
Recruitable Party Members Li Kuugo, Sammo Hakka, Yuan Jou
Scenario Boss Odi Wang Lee

Inheritance Is the Xian Shan Quan Master`s scenario in Live A Live. It is one of the shortest scenarios in the game and plays out much like a traditional RPG.

Its cursor is a giant panda.

Possible Successors & LocationsEdit

  • Li Kuugo (can be found in the Bamboo Forest.)
  • Sammo Hakka (Can be found in Yuan Hua Market.)
  • Yuan Jou (Can be found in Wong Town)

Chapter MechanicsEdit

This scenario plays out much like a normal RPG game only that the enemies are visible on the map so battles can be avoided if the player chooses so. What makes the scenario unique is the gathering of three students in any order Li Kuugo, Sammo Hakka and Yuan Jou. As the chapter is named a student will inherit the Master`s skills once trained, Only one student will learn the masters technique so care must be taken in who is chosen. When training begins focus should be placed in only one student and during training only one move from the master should be used the entire battle as the student will learn that very same move afterwards by the end of the scenario if done correctly the student will have all of the Master`s skills learned and will be stronger than him.

Student AttributesEdit

  • Li Kuugo - Li is good in speed and is the most balanced of the three students having virtually no weaknesses unlike the other two perfect for any team in the end.
  • Sammo Hakka - Sammo is good in strength and HP however he falls short in speed which can cause problems in the long run especially for many of his attacks which will take much time to charge up.
  • Yuan Jou - He has a very slow start being the weakest of the three however he later becomes very strong after some level ups and gets stat bonuses on level up which makes his stats increase at a fast rate however he is the most frail of the three and can be taken out easily.


The boss of this scenario is Odi Wang Lee. he is the leader of a rivaling school who practice Yi Po Men. He can be easily beaten by using Xian Shan Quan`s ultimate technique followed by whatever other attacks the student has as it can only be used once.