The Cogito Ergosum Is a large cargo ship in Live A Live it only appears in Mechanical Heart and is the ship Cube was created on and where he works as a worker robot. All ship functions and order is kept in check by the Mother Computer.


The purpose of the ship is to transport cargo to and from Earth. In the events of Mechanical Heart it was on it`s way back to Earth after picking up the cargo the crew was sent to get the Behemoth, However it was never brought back to Earth due to it being killed by Corporal Darth in the events of the chapter.

Crew Members & JobsEdit

  • Kato - Ship mechanic.
  • Huey - Cargo Handler.
  • Rachel - Communications Officer.
  • Kirk - Ship pilot.
  • Hol - Ship Captain.
  • Corporal Darth - Guest. Military in charge of cargo.

Trivia Edit

  • The name "Cogito Ergosum" was actually came from a Latin philosophical proposition, from René Descartes, a French philosopher.[1] Translated to English, it means "I think, therefore I am".[2]