Billy chibi
Vital statistics
Status Alive
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Billy (ビリー)

Is a character from Live A Live and only appears in the scenario Wandering. He is the son of the town sheriff and is seen often at Crystal Bar with the others. He quickly comes to trust and befriend Sundown as Sundown stood up to the crazy bunch and was brave unlike the rest of Success Town. He can help set traps like the others but his set speed is quite slow.


Billy is very brave for his age and is noted by Annie to be the bravest in the town besides herself. Billy`s bravery is displayed when he fearlessly stands up to Crazy Bunch member Pike and from the fact that he actively voices his disapproval of the way the crazy bunch has been treating them. He takes his fathers badge and gives it to Sundown saying that his father is not brave enough to have that badge.


Billy looks the typical way a little boy or perhaps a little boy from the old west would look. He wears a white shirt which is covered by a pair of blue overalls. He has brown short hair.


  • He has an exclusive trap item only usable by him the Slingshot it can be gotten by talking to him in the Crystal Bar while looking for traps.