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Behemoth (ベヒーモス)

The Behemoth is a creature in Cube's Chapter. It is first seen in it's pen on the ship. It later escapes, wandering around the ship. It is said to be an alien species from another planet. If it touches Cube, the game is over.  Towards the end of the chapter, it is slain by Colonel Darth.

Appearance Edit

It is a minty green-yellow in colour. It has a blueish mane and purple horns. The Behemoth's colouring scheme may indicate it is a King Behemoth.

Encountering the Behemoth Edit

Once it is out wandering around the ship, the player can either hear it's "roar' or the sounds of the beast's rampaging footsteps. If it touches you, game is over.


  • Behemoths are a type of monster from Final Fantasy.
  • Behemoth is Hebrew for Primal Beast of the land.
  • Behemoth is a name given to hippopotamus in the Bible.
  • The word "Behemoth" is used for describings something extremely large.

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