Vital statistics
Status Alive
Base HP
Ultimate Weapon

Annie (アニー) Is a character from Live A Live and only appears in the Wandering scenario. She plays a big role and can first be seen partially naked changing cloths in her room which causes her to kick the player out and lock the door. She is later seen briefly arguing and fighting with Crazy Bunch member Pike who tries to take her but she slaps him in the face. She is very brave, being the bravest one in the town, and the only one willing to stand up to the crazy bunch other than Billy, She can assist Sundown and Mad Dog setting traps and she sets them fairly fast.


  • Once she is sent out to set a trap the item Annie`s Nighttie can be gotten from her wardrobe that she was protecting so much from the player.
  • She has a unique trap item exclusive to her the Frying Pan.