Alicia is a major character in the King of Demons chapter. She is a princess that Oersted wins the right to marry in a competition against Straybow. She is later kidnapped by the Demon King, and Oersted (alongside Straybow, Uranus, and Hash) sets off to find her.

After Straybow fakes his death, he convinces Alicia that Oersted never searched for her, and that he was the only one who cared. This manipulation led Alicia to commit suicide, after discovering Straybow's corpse.

Trivia Edit

  • Odio can use an attack called Saint Alicia, which seems to summon Alicia's ghost to deal damage to one party member.
    • The attack's name seems to imply that Oersted, even when he becomes the Demon King, doesn't blame Alicia for anything that happened to him, as she was only a victim of Straybow's manipulative actions.
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