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Mira Laime
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• 9/7/2016

Do not post fanart on here, please.

Pleaase, do not post fanart on any of the wiki pages. Official art, sprites and other in game artwork is fine. Fanarts are not. 

If you are to use someone's fanart on this page, it will be deleted. Please get the artist's permission before posting.

Deviantart, Pixiv, Twitter and Tumblr Artists do not like to have their art passed around unless you have permission. Respect the artists, please. 

If you post your own fanart, that is fine. 

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• 9/14/2016

What about stuff from the Final Chapter and the Knight Chapter? IIRC, neither of those have any official art. Do they simply not get any, and we just use the OG sprites?

• 9/15/2016

If we are to use fanart, please ask the artists. Some of them do speak English. We can use OG sprites, which is fine. 

If we do get permission from the artists, they must be credited. 

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