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• 1/24/2018

I resign.

I resign from this. I feel bad liking or joining this fandom. It's been fun. Never cared or liked this game. Hard to like other stuff when people screech horrible LAL memes over opinions. The UnderTale vs LAL war is stupid, immature and downright disgusting. LAL fans being hostile.

If you guys wanna continue this. Be my guest. I been helping another Wiki.
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• 10/26/2017

I deleted the FB page.

Due to I have no interest in this fandom or even keeping up with it. If anyone wants to make a new FB page. Be my guest. I am more involved with the Gunvolt and Indie game community nowadays.
Sorry folks.
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• 11/27/2017

Welcome to Discussions!

This is the place to talk about your favorite topic, to share news, theories, ideas, and to connect with others. The content from your Forum has been converted to Discussions posts, so nothing has been lost.

To learn more about what you can do here, check out

If you're an admin on this community, read more about how you can customize your Discussions and set up guidelines for contributors:

Have fun!
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• 9/7/2016

Do not post fanart on here, please.

Pleaase, do not post fanart on any of the wiki pages. Official art, sprites and other in game artwork is fine. Fanarts are not. 
If you are to use someone's fanart on this page, it will be deleted. Please get the artist's permission before posting.
Deviantart, Pixiv, Twitter and Tumblr Artists do not like to have their art passed around unless you have permission. Respect the artists, please. 
If you post your own fanart, that is fine.
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• 4/25/2016

Feels dead here.

Dead Crickets.
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• 4/7/2016

Back from the dead!

Guess who's back?! That I am!
Back to doing edits on here and so on!
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• 3/25/2016

We Got Approved!!

Hey there Akira Thirteen1335! guess what? We got approved for the new home page footer! now that will help our wiki get a bit more expousure! check out the home page and scroll to the bottom it looks great!
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• 3/16/2016

Other LPs

Live a Live is nearly finished.
I kind of wanna do Basara 4 Sumeragi as a side LP, since that onee iwll be endless with the anime and storypathes of each character. So... shall I do that as a side one along with my main LPs? People already liked the snippets so far.
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• 3/4/2016
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• 2/19/2016

Do I feel kind of annoyed?

I ain't bashing Undertale, but I am really tired of the spam that festers in LAL Megalomania videos.
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• 2/18/2016

What do you do while Editing?

Wow here I am again here up in this forum anyways I was a bit curious topic title says all what stuff do you do while editing here on the wiki? Me? I usually am listening to either Live A Live music or some Touhou music while I edit up here I enjoy listneing to music while I edit it really get`s me going. Hearing Wait for Truth or Secret Mission from Live A Live work quite well with editing here. And Touhou I like playing Hartmann`s Youkai Girl and Dark Oriental Flight honestly both games have remarkaable soundtrack that I enjoy hearing while editing.
And sometimes on the side I have videos uploading at the same time or other windows open at the same time etc. so yup what about you guys?
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• 2/5/2016

Does anyone know exact or close to exact charge time?

Since creating the attacks pages for this wiki there is one thing I failed to fill in charge time... Does anyone know the exact or atleast a close estimate to how long certain attacks in Live A Live take to prepare? As when turns change is kinda hard to tell in Live A Live for me so yeah if anyone knows for any attacks then please do fill them in when you have time so the info boxes can be filled. That is the one thing I do not know for any of the attacks how long each takes to prepare.
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• 2/5/2016

Possible Absence

Hello there my good friends i`ve some terrible news to bring... Well starting tomorrow there is a high chance that I will be absent from the wiki and online as a whole for a while. Something major came up and I won`t be able to have net access due to that for a bit. Sorry guys that this has to happen and just when we were making this wiki grow so fast.... But I will be back I always make a return I never stay gone from a place. So Akira... Thirteen1355 you will have to go without me for a bit and unfortunately that means no updates on my youtube for a bit either so Touhou A Live is on pause. Well I will be here a bit for today but tomorrow I likely won`t be around. I dunno when I will return but I will let you guys know as soon as I return.
I have lot`s of fun on this wiki you two are really great friends :D
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• 2/3/2016

70 pages!

And we are goin; strong!
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• 1/30/2016

It's a Monster Mash!

I will add pages for enemies soon. Similar to how the Final Fantasy wiki has. So we aren't just on bosses and characters.
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• 1/28/2016

Oi! Back story! (Work of Fiction?)

I plan on writin' my own back story. Maybe one for Matsu as well!  Whatcha guys think?
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• 1/25/2016

A Silly Game

Okay I am bored and want to spice things up a bit by starting a senseless forum game so... er let`s go the rules are simple we simply write random Live A Live questions and we answer them.. I will start.
Odio walks on your door step and asks you to come with him what do you do? heh.
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• 1/21/2016

Now we have awesome badges.

I saw some of our default badges have changed.
I like 'em.
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• 1/21/2016

This is shapin' out really well.

And I think we are doin' a good job here. I will apologise. I use Brtish English and my autocorrect corrects certain words to that spellin'.
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• 1/17/2016

How Is this Background Color? Better?

Hey there Akira Thirteen1355 just wanted to know mainly from Thirteen how is this? better than that yellow eh? I er made a custom background skin however I think it would look better not tiled what do you guys think? I tried making a none tiled background but eh I had complications with the dang size 300 kilobyte size limit so maybe one of you can do it if ya want This is as far as my ability can extend as far as backgrounds go.
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